16 x MOM: A Mastery of Motherhood …          

by Barbara Olivo Cagle



ISBN: 978-0-9792360-1-3 Laminated hard cover $17.95 (reduced price!) Biography/California History/General

Pregnant 4,500 + Days

At the age of four, Jacqueline Rose Nunez was placed in the care of “Ma,” a withered old lady. Rose, a diligent, obedient shy child bent to all of the old woman’s demands.

Through her youth, the yearning for her parent’s and siblings’ affection remained buried inside her. As she matured, however, Rose planted in a learning garden filled with books and dreams that carried her around the globe and nourished her mind, in a wealth of knowledge. 

When she married Nello John Olivo, Rose’s rooted passion for family sprouted into an unconditional love. Her previous enduring and trying experiences intensified her appetite for life and blossomed into sixteen long stem roses, her term of endearment for her sixteen children.