A Sacrifice Not Forgotten
by Rudy Thaut, as told to Harland Eastwood

Non-Fiction, Historical: 93 pages, 97 photos and illustrations.

In May of 1942 the Island of Corregidor fell to Japanese forces.  It was at that time that Ritzville native Rudy Thaut was taken prisoner.  Rudy spent time in three prison camps near Manila, in the Philippines, including the infamous Cabanatuan prison camp.  In November of 1942, Rudy was put aboard a filthy Japanese transport ship and taken to
mainland Japan where he would spend time in three additional camps.  Statistics show that four out of every six U. S. prisoners in Japanese prison camps during WW II did not survive to the end of the war.  Many of those who did survive died within a few years after returning home.  Rudy not only survived the camps, but he celebrated his 92nd birthday in 2010.  This is not only a story of remarkable courage in the face of unspeakable treatment but a story of forgiveness.  Rudy has lived a productive life and is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  
This book is now out of print.  All proceeds went to benefit Ritzville youth.