by Colonel Charles Lehman


     Asher and his best friend are lured into the first century Roman army by a kind soldier.  Both are assigned to King Herod’s Guard.  Before they realize they are working for a murderous madman, the jealous king sends them to ride into Bethlehem in the middle of the night to kill all the baby boys.  The horrific event leaves Asher agonized by guilt, especially since he has roots in Bethlehem.

     The fathers of two of the babies he killed swear revenge and join the anti-Rome Zealot movement intent on tracking Asher down.  The chase whirls through Judea, and the Negev Desert where Asher and his platoon are ambushed by Zealot horsemen and fight them on camel-back.

     Asher is married and has a son of his own, which intensifies his guilt.  While on a kidnapping mission in Galilee he meets Y’shuah, a young Jewish prophet, who claims to be the promised Messiah.  They meet again on a hill called Golgatha and finally outside an empty tomb near Jerusalem.


ISBN: 978-1-936178-29-2

Gray Dog Press, Spokane, WA

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