Bishopís Revenge

By D. A. Williams

ISBN 978-1-4507-1434-1 $14.95 Fiction: Soft Cover 327 pages


An exciting novel that will appeal to both men and women, Bishopís Revenge is action packed with suspense and drama. This adventurous story is about a womanís strong will for vengeance, intertwined with a Pioneer motherís deep love and devotion. After being savagely attacked and rescuing her daughter from near death, Mayleen Bishop vows revenge against her attacker, but soon finds herself involuntarily entangled in a web of conspiracy involving the United States Cavalry. Braving nearly insurmountable odds, she encounters grave danger, heartache, and unexpected romance during her relenting search for retaliation. A hard-hitting tale of real grit and determination, dotted with humor, and filled with surprises throughout.

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