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An Eastern Washington Treasure:
The Story of a Pristine
by Patty Brigham Geaudreau

      Being a fan of history, and especially local area history, I had a built-in bias for this 2005 book. Wherever I travel, I try to pick up a book about the local history. Until cracking the pages of this one, I had never heard of Bead Lake, even though it is a good-sized body of water only a few miles from Newport, Washington.

      The book is well written and richly researched. The author, who grew up in the area, has combed through old newspapers of the area and filled the book’s 200 pages with interesting tidbits from the past. She has also interviewed residences of the area, and included numerous personal histories, adding color and texture to this micro-history. Strewing through the pages is a rich array of black and white pictures of the people, places, and events covered by the text. In addition, several appendixes provide facts, maps, along with a comprehensive index. The front cover consists of an excellent aerial photograph of the lake, with a picture of the entire lake on the back, as well.

      Entertaining, informative and well put together, An Eastern Washington Treasure should find a place in the library of every resident in the Bead Lake area, as well as anyone interested in Northeastern Washington State history.

      While I have not visited the area, this book piqued my interest enough to ensure a trip there in the near future. Ironically, the day I finished the book, an item appeared in the newspaper announcing an opening for a campground host at the lake. I was strongly tempted to respond to it

Reviewed by: Michael Hinz




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