Book Review:

The House in Harrison

by: Marsden, Michael A



Few people in the small town of Harrison knew there was an abanded mansion on the hill high above town.  No one knew that before the great fire of 1917, this house had been the stage for a tale of romance and murder.  Fifty years later, Frank Potter reopens the house in Harrison and spends the summer making it suitable for his grandmother to live in before he leaves for the army.  He has no idea that he will encounter a beautiful, cunning and dangerous ghost, Jolie, or fall in love with a whist of a girl named Anna.  Emerging from years spent in darkness and silence, Jolie manages to reassert herself as mistress of the house all the while using Frank and Anna to prepare her revenge.  Once more the house in Harrison becomes the stage for the climax of the performance that began a half century ago.  That ends the statement.   I add that this story began just after the Great Fire in that area in 1910.  96 people lost their lives in that fire. (Perhaps there was another great fire in 1917, I don't know)  The story is also wrapped around a Blue-Diamond necklace, once owned by Jolie and is missing.



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