Chronicles of a Western Family Vol. 1    

by Phoebe “Peggy” DeHart


$25.00 Non-Fiction/History--Family Journal. Over 200 pages with historical family photos.

Follow the author’s family from 1881 to 1946. Her grandparents homesteaded in Nebraska in 1884. Her parents homesteaded in Wyoming in 1917 and found themselves in the middle of a range war.

Chronicles of a Western Family Vol. 2

$25.00 Non-Fiction/History-Family Journal Post W.W.II Business adventures. Over 100 pages with many historical family photos.

The author marries into another western family and finds herself caught up in the business world of post W.W.II.
Contact the Author: 1020 W. Kiernan, Spokane. WA 99205; Ph.: 509-327-6935