Here Comes the Judge
by Harland Eastwood


Non-Fiction, Historical: 157 pages, 353 photos and illustrations.

An interesting story of the author's grandfather, John Peter Koch, who was born in Kolb, Russia.  He came to America with his parents and grandparents in 1878 settling for a time in western Nebraska.  While living in Nebraska, his parents died and his grandparents returned to Russia, leaving "Pete" an orphan and living with his older brother Fred.  Henry Koch, the boys’ uncle brought his nephews to Portland, Oregon, to live with his
family.  Pete and his brother worked at odd jobs for a few years and in the summer of 1890 left for Ritzville, Washington, to work during wheat harvest.  In 1900 Pete married Lydia Kanzler and farmed west of Ritzville for a few years, but Pete did not like farming and moved to town in 1907 where he went to work for the Ritzville Trading Co.  Later Pete sold cars and life insurance.  In 1928 Pete was appointed a Justice of the Peace to fill an unexpired term.  For the next 35 years Pete distinguished himself as Justice of the Peace and later as a police court judge.  Contains an index and bibliography.

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