Herr Kanzler's Kinder
by Harland Eastwood

ISBN 0-9823834-1X   Non-Fiction, Historical: 250 pages, 332 photos and illustrations.

This is the story of the author's great grandfather, George Kanzler.  The story starts in Kolb, Russia, with George and his family who are wheat farmers and of German descent. After suffering religious persecution, dwindling tillable land and George facing mandatory military service in the Russian Army, the family joins other families in being the first to leave Kolb and settle in America.  After several moves in Nebraska, the Kanzler family and other German Russian families are forced once again to move still further west.  The journey would start by railroad taking the party to Utah and the  remainder of the trip was by covered wagon to the new settlement of Ritzville, Washington Territory, where George farmed, served as a politician and also became a successful business man.  Includes an index and bibliography.

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