Itís Conspiracy By Any Name

by D. A. Williams

ISBN 978-1-4507-1435-8 $14.95 Fiction: Soft Cover 375 pages


OWEN J. HUNTER has just lost his commercial building in a foreclosure sale and soon begins to believe thereís been a conspiracy by a mortgage broker and his cronies to acquire the property. Convinced this is the case, Owen designs a scheme to get his property back and put a halt to the illegal activities of those involved. As part of his plan, he randomly contacts an escort service to covertly gain help in obtaining critical information from the brokerís files. Thatís when he and JUDY CARMELLE come together and immediately fall in love. Working (and playing) in concert, using fake identities and crafty disguises, all at the risk of being eliminated, Owen and Judy traverse an extremely dangerous path and soon uncover a low-level syndicate committing high level crimes and murder.

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