Just An Average Dilemma

By D. A. Williams

ISBN 978-1-4507-1436-5 $14.95 Fiction: Soft Cover 208 pages

Harold Smith is quite content with his life, which has been nearly perfect for the past twelve years. He loves his wife, his two children, his home, his job, everything. Harold trusts everybody— when he should trust no one, because there are secrets that he doesn’t know about. He was furtively hand-picked for the job he loves, his wife has hidden skeletons in her closet and the company he works for doesn’t really exist.

When Harold accidentally learns the truth about his employers, he begins to discover many realities about those around him and he faces heart-wrenching decisions that create extreme danger, not only for him, but for those whom he loves. Despite this, Harold never panics as he treacherously weaves his way into and out of one nail-biting, life-threatening situation after another.

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