Justice Forbidden

by Anna Goodwin


ISBN:978-0-9845566-0-1$13.50Psychological thriller/murder mystery.Available at authorís website www.anaparkergoodwin.com (20% off), Barnes and Noble, or Amazon.10% of profits go to counseling abused children.


What is the story about? Of course itís all about what I know best. I am a psychotherapist who had a private practice for many years. Although the plot is fictional, the character of the client and much of her past is based on true events.


What are the facts about memory? Are there false memories? Can memories be repressed and then remembered years later? This is one of the greatest controversies still raging in psychology today.


Dr. Faythe Bradington, Clinical Psychologist, is shocked to discover that an ex-client is suing her for implanting false memories of childhood abuse. Faythe rushes to her office to read her files, but when she arrives she discovers a body in the waiting room. Now terrified, she calls 911.


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