Kitchen Basics 101 
by Ann Jorgensen 

This handy reference guide was compiled by a 72 year-old great grandmother for the beginning of her great-granddaughter’s culinary journey.  Family questions over many years were the catalyst for the content.  This book is great for kitchen beginners, but also serves as a reminder and quick reference for the experienced cook as well.  It is chock full of basic measuring techniques, different pan sizes, and substitutions for those occasions when you don’t have a particular item or ingredient in your pantry.  A cooking vocabulary and description of certain recipe instruction methods are also of great help.  The book includes charts for freezer and refrigerator storage, a chart to convert regular recipes into crock-pot, and a conversion chart for metric.  This book is a “must have” in every kitchen.  It will be a well used addition in all the kitchens of those who own it. 
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