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Bob Manion

Saturday, September 9th at 11 am


D. Andrew McChesney

Saturday, September 30th at 11 am


Both at:

2nd Look Books

2829 E. 29th Ave., Spokane, WA



The Inland Empire Chapter of RWA





NYT Best-Selling Author

Melody Anne

With over forty contemporary romance and young adult titles, both indie and traditionally published, she has earned numerous

best-seller list accolades.



Promote your new release

Strategically promote your backlist

Tried and true ways to market

Create a loyal fan base

Maximize results through distribution


Saturday, September 9, 2017

11:00 am – 4:00 pm


The Service Station

9315 N. Nevada St.

Spokane, WA 99218


Register at: www.iecrwa.com

(learn how to join IECRWA)

$20 for members $40 for non-members

Lunch will be provided




Albuquerque, New Mexico

Thursday, September 21, through Sunday, September 24, 2017.

Information available at: www.historicalwritersofamerica.org


Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers members Anya Carlson and J. B. Rivard will present two workshops.

1.    Pictures Without an Exhibition: Creating a Screenplay from Your Writing

2.    Unique, Clearheaded and Quick: The Organized Web-site


For more information, contact:

Anya at anyacarlson5@gmail.com

J. B. at jbrivard@hotmail.com




The Inland Empire Chapter of RWA





NYT Best-Selling Author

Cherry Adair

A fast-moving, informative, two day class on plotting, building characters who leap off the page and creating luminous dialogue.  This fun and intense class might require two cups of coffee! Be prepared to be put to work!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Washington Cracker Co.

304 W. Pacific Ave., Suite 201

Spokane, WA 99201


Register at: www.iecrwa.com

(learn how to join IECRWA)

$150 for members $180 for non-members

Event meals will be provided






NYT Best-selling author

Kristin Hannah


Full Day workshop with Mary Buckham


October, 6, 7, & 8, 2017 (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday)


Registration open July 20th, 9:00 am (PDT)


Schedule and information available at: www.writeonthesound.com


To receive conference information electronically, sign up for newsletter at: tinyurl.com/WOTSnewsletter


Contact: (425) 771-0228




Many SASP members’ books are available on Amazon and/or Kindle™

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(Kindle™ editions normally have an alpha-numeric ASIN.  Hardcopy editions normally use a numeric ASIN. Once you have located one, you can generally find a link to take you to other editions of the book on Amazon.)


D. Andrew McChesney:

Beyond the Ocean’s Edge:

A Stone Island Sea Story B008TXC332

Sailing Dangerous Waters:

Another Stone Island Sea Story B00HF9Y05K


James Parry:

Book All the Teachers:

An Irreverent Ride through Middle School1501042211


Bob Weldin:

The Dry Diggin’s Club                         0578106825

The Adventurists                                  153027253X


Sue Eller:

Return from Armageddon                 B005JVAJKQ

Meadowlark Madness                         B0097D599I

The Gluten Free Gourmand               150853134X

Taming of the T-Bird                            1505963982


Beth Camp:

The Mermaid Quilt and Other Tales   B0090VHKBC

Standing Stones                                  B00I3RYFW6

Years of Stone                                     B00LF3FY4S

Rivers of Stone                                      Coming Soon!


Kate Poitevin:

Saving Tir Gaeltacht                            1503167844


James Vasquez:

Men Who Knew Jesus Well                1604941901

Women of the Bible: their Story in Verse 1604942703

Prophets of the Old Testament:

A Classic Collection of Bible Heroes in Verse   1615661166

Words Jesus Spoke: In Verse            1452077894

The Psalms: In Verse                          1449710344

Prayers from the Bible:

In Classic Verse   1449727794


Joyce Caudel:

The Hat Pin Murders                           1936178397

The Hat Box Mystery                           1481959107

A Hat to Die For                                    1530028612



Helen Christine (Foster):

Full Disclosure                                     0990722201

The Lenders                                          0990722228


Chuck Lehman:

Angels Three Six                              B00KMJXQR8

The Big Woods                                   B007SQ4CTE

Asher                                                    B00HNZ6TTG

Lazarus Arise                                     B007R0NPW6

The Shepherd                                     B00HJBN4P6

Rogue 6                                              B01H7N8G2G


A Story of Survival and Intrigue        B01H5W4V64


T. A. Bratcher:

The Road Chosen                               1495293165


B. J. Campbell:

Close Calls: True Tales of Cougar Bob 1936178044


Bob Manion:

Santa’s Heroes                                     1936178095

The Tree House                                  B004IZLHLE

Springer’s Heart                                   0978850742

Summer Rain                                     B00ZM3S2IM

Vampire and the Cop                       B00ZM4BBOS


Sandra L. Mason:

(Illustrated by Natalie J. Apodaca)

N is for Nativity                                     1517614880


Don Brockett:

Tyrannical Rule of the U. S. Supreme Court B01GW712VU


Stan Parks:

Jakob’s Ladies                                      1532910762


Tiffani Harvey:

A Journey to Independence               1533499438

Growing Independent                          1533499926


Allen Dorfman:

Reaching: A Vietnam War Novel     1500489638


Fred Jessett:

Mountains Melt Away                      B00KD5KWIW

My Name is Tamar                            B00DH3REWO

Drummer Loves Dancer                   B073H2RP7P


Lewis Meline:

Lies Exposed! The Truth about Diets… 0997915501


J. B. Rivard

Illusions of Magic:

Love and Intrigue in 1933 Chicago B01EGSC8N8


Larry Danek

I Am the Ghost In This Body:

The Nomadic Ghost                    B01I0Z500Q

Republished as:

I’m a Ghost in This Body:

A Story of the Nomadic Ghost       148971183X


Diana Wickes

Home is Where the Heart Is     1523381841

Elegy to a Montanan: A Widow’s Song      1523382414


Andy Brown

Warnings Unheeded:

Twin Tragedies at Fairchild Air Force Base   0997863434


Esther J. Hildahl

Meadow Pond                                       154244828X

Mr. Inky: Spider with an Attitude        1542451248

Marie’s Marvelous Tomato                 1548307653


Kathy Rae:

The Jewel of Hope ( Book 1): The Hope Trilogy   1500236578

Ducky Day or Yucky Day…You Choose      154139142X

Deprogramming a Bully (Book 1): The Barber Chair Series   B06W5NP6Y1


Margaret Albi Verhoef &

Rita Gard Seedorf:

Letters from Brackham Wood: A Moira Edwards Mystery      B00JEMX656

Letters from a Wary Watcher: A Moira Edwards Walker Mystery   B01EKOH02C


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