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October, 6, 7, & 8, 2017 (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday)


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D. Andrew McChesney:

Beyond the Ocean’s Edge:

A Stone Island Sea Story B008TXC332

Sailing Dangerous Waters:

Another Stone Island Sea Story B00HF9Y05K


James Parry:

Book All the Teachers:

An Irreverent Ride through Middle School1501042211


Bob Weldin:

The Dry Diggin’s Club                         0578106825

The Adventurists                                  153027253X


Sue Eller:

Return from Armageddon                 B005JVAJKQ

Meadowlark Madness                         B0097D599I

The Gluten Free Gourmand               150853134X

Taming of the T-Bird                            1505963982


Beth Camp:

The Mermaid Quilt and Other Tales   B0090VHKBC

Standing Stones                                  B00I3RYFW6

Years of Stone                                     B00LF3FY4S


Kate Poitevin:

Saving Tir Gaeltacht                            1503167844


James Vasquez:

Men Who Knew Jesus Well                1604941901

Women of the Bible: their Story in Verse 1604942703

Prophets of the Old Testament:

A Classic Collection of Bible Heroes in Verse   1615661166

Words Jesus Spoke: In Verse            1452077894

The Psalms: In Verse                          1449710344

Prayers from the Bible:

In Classic Verse   1449727794


Joyce Caudel:

The Hat Pin Murders                           1936178397

The Hat Box Mystery                           1481959107

A Hat to Die For                                    1530028612



Helen Christine (Foster):

Full Disclosure                                     0990722201

The Lenders                                          0990722228


Chuck Lehman:

Angels Three Six                              B00KMJXQR8

The Big Woods                                   B007SQ4CTE

Asher                                                    B00HNZ6TTG

Lazarus Arise                                     B007R0NPW6

The Shepherd                                     B00HJBN4P6

Rogue 6                                              B01H7N8G2G


A Story of Survival and Intrigue        B01H5W4V64


T. A. Bratcher:

The Road Chosen                               1495293165


B. J. Campbell:

Close Calls: True Tales of Cougar Bob 1936178044


Bob Manion:

Santa’s Heroes                                     1936178095

The Tree House                                  B004IZLHLE

Springer’s Heart                                   0978850742

Summer Rain                                     B00ZM3S2IM

Vampire and the Cop                       B00ZM4BBOS


Sandra L. Mason:

(Illustrated by Natalie J. Apodaca)

N is for Nativity                                     1517614880


Don Brockett:

Tyrannical Rule of the U. S. Supreme Court B01GW712VU


Stan Parks:

Jakob’s Ladies                                      1532910762


Tiffani Harvey:

A Journey to Independence               1533499438

Growing Independent                          1533499926


Allen Dorfman:

Reaching: A Vietnam War Novel     1500489638


Fred Jessett:

Mountains Melt Away                      B00KD5KWIW

My Name is Tamar                            B00DH3REWO


Lewis Meline:

Lies Exposed! The Truth about Diets… 0997915501


J. B. Rivard

Illusions of Magic:

Love and Intrigue in 1933 Chicago B01EGSC8N8


Larry Danek

I Am the Ghost In This Body:

The Nomadic Ghost                    532863764


Diana Wickes

Home is Where the Heart Is     1523381841

Elegy to a Montanan: A Widow’s Song      1523382414


Andy Brown

Warnings Unheeded:

Twin Tragedies at Fairchild Air Force Base   0997863434


Esther J. Hildahl

Meadow Pond                                       154244828X

Mr. Inky: Spider with an Attitude        1542451248


Kathy Rae:

The Jewel of Hope ( Book 1): The Hope Trilogy   1500236578

Ducky Day or Yucky Day…You Choose      154139142X

Deprogramming a Bully (Book 1): The Barber Chair Series   B06W5NP6Y1


Margaret Albi Verhoef &

Rita Gard Seedorf:

Letters from Brackham Wood: A Moira Edwards Mystery      B00JEMX656

Letters from a Wary Watcher: A Moira Edwards Walker Mystery   B01EKOH02C (corrected)


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