Remembering the “B”

by Jim Stinson


Non-fiction, 464 pages, full color, 8.5” X 11” book from Retired Gorilla Publishing, Inc.

ISBN 978-0-56786-0  $39.95


With a foreword written by Reardan Author Sherman Alexie, the work chronicles the Washington State “B” Basketball tournament.  It summarizes each of the 68 boys and 33 girls tournaments and the corresponding championship games.  The book contains feature stories on many of the great coaches, players, and administrators who mad the tournament such an enjoyable event.


The book also contains a chronology of rule changes from 1923 – 2010, feature stories about the tournament’s pioneers, an index of names and point totals for the 12,986 players who suited up for the tournament, and scores and miscellaneous information about the 2,622 games that were played from 1931 – 2010.  It contains statistics, all-tournament teams, and much more.


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