Ritzville Trading Company
by Harland Eastwood

 Non-Fiction, Historical: 66 pages, 93 photos, many in color

Once advertised as "The Real Store of Adams County,"  the Ritzville Trading Co. sold just about everything that farming residents of the region needed.  It was more than a store it was an institution.  The huge mercantile concern had its beginning with such early Ritzville merchants as F. G. Spanger & Co., Ritzville Hardware Co., Bauer & Bier Co., Clodius & Von Holt, Lind Hardware and A. T. Kendrick & Co.  By late 1904 the businesses had consolidated into the Ritzville Trading Co., with a paid up capital of $150,000.  The business was a solid, community owned mercantile that was run by some of the most prominent German speaking pioneer families of the area.  The Real Store of Adams County continued to turn a profit until the Great Depression when the mercantile posted huge losses.   World War II brought its own unique problems as did the early 1950s.  By 1968 The Trading Co. had closed its doors.

This book is now out of print.