January 5, 2017

          SASP members are in for a real treat as we welcome Margaret Verhoef and Rita Seedorf at our January 5 meeting. The two will talk about their collaborative writing process and their recently released, Letters from a Wary Watcher (2016).

          Margaret Albi Verhoef and Rita Gard Seedorf, both retired educators living in Spokane and Cheney, became reacquainted as they planned their high school reunion. Drawn by an interest in historical fiction, they wrote Letters from Brackham Wood (2014), about two cousins living in World War II in England and Spokane, Washington. Their second book, Letters from a Wary Watcher (2016) brings the cousins together again, in postwar England, Hanford, and Spokane, and puts them right in the middle of an espionage ring.

           The two books tell a story through a series of letters that begin in 1937 and end in the early 1950s. Moira Edwards Walker, a maid of all work living in England, and her cousin, Margaret Walker, a doctor living in Spokane, Washington, reflect on their lives, the world’s condition, and changing times for women. After World War II, Moira, still close to her cousin, continues to exchange letters as she moves to Richland, Washington, and finds herself surrounded by intrigue – and a case of espionage at the Hanford nuclear site.

          Letters from Brackham Wood and Letters from a Wary Watcher are available at Auntie’s Bookstore, 402 West Main, in Spokane, and are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.  Visit Rita’s Amazon Author page at: https://www.amazon.com/Rita-GardSeedorf/e/B00JD3EPH4


February 2, 2017

          SASP Secretary, Web-Master, and newsletter editor David McChesney will talk about the “Basics of Book Marketing.” He’ll discuss pricing, distribution, trade discounts, wholesale cost and authors’ royalties.  Writing as D. Andrew McChesney, he is the author of two Age of Sail/Naval Adventure stories with a Science Fiction touch in them.  Additional stories are in work.


           Beyond the Ocean’s Edge: A Stone Island Sea Story, details a voyage to find a long lost, legendary island.  When found, Edward Pierce and his crew discover that the island exists in a different world.

           Sailing Dangerous Waters: Another Stone Island Sea Story relates the struggles faced by Pierce and the crew of HMS Island Expedition in attempting to return to the world they call home.


March 3, 2016

            SASP Vice-President Sue Eller will talk about the “Writing a Science-Fiction/Mystery Series.” She’ll focus on the thought processes involved and plans to allow plenty of time for questions and answers.  She is the author of the Emily Trace Mystery Series, in which people often believe the initials “E. T.” stand for “extra-terrestrial.”

          Meadowlark Madness is the first Emily Trace Mystery.

          It was followed by Taming of the T-Bird, and a third volume is due any day.  (It might even be out by now.)

          Sue is also the author of Return from Armageddon

and The Gluten Free Gourmand.


April 6, 2017

Speaker Jan Cline will talk about the writing and publishing challenges authors face with “What’s Holding You Back?”

          Author Jan Cline has been involved with the writing/publishing community for several years. She founded the Inland NW Christian Writers conference and served as director for 5 years. She teaches at writer’s conferences and speaks at writers’ and women’s groups throughout the Pacific Northwest. Jan has been writing for many years, mostly in non-fiction genres and belongs to the American Christian Fiction Writers, Northwest Christian Writers, My Book Therapy, and several online groups dealing with writing or WW2 topics. Jan notes that she enjoys “helping other writers in their journey, whether through teaching or providing events of interest to them.”

          Her passion for history led her to a new love for writing fiction for the Christian market. She loves traveling all over the U.S. to research her stories. Some of her past publications include: Simple Devotion, The Greatest of These is Love, andHeart Out of HidingJan has also contributed to Chicken Soup for the Soul and various other anthologies. Jan spent a year researching her debut novel, Emancipated Heart Set in a Japanese American internment camp during WWII, the book follows one family through the trials of life behind barbed wire.

          Jan enjoys golf, attending her grandchildren’s sports activities, and loves to bake – she’s proud to be called the queen of cheesecakes by her friends and family. She also indulges heavily in crafts such as quilting, painting, and scrapbooking. When she needs a break from a hectic life, she and her husband of 40+ years escape to their cabin on a northern Idaho lake.

          Visit Jan’s website and sign up for her newsletter and/or blog to receive a free booklet titled “What to Do While You're Waiting to Be Published.” www.jancline.net/subscribe/

          She is the author of EMANCIPATED HEART (March 2016):


          Hana Kato and her family are nearing the end of their confinement in a WWII Japanese American internment camp. Her beloved Papa has been taken to prison, and Hana works hard to keep the family together until he can join them in preparation for their release. Surviving the attack on Pearl Harbor and years of enduring difficult living conditions has tested Hana’s faith and trust. Although she stays strong through trials and tragedy, her resolve is weakened as she fights her affections for two men. Will she choose the rebel Japanese young man? Or will the bright Caucasian doctor she works with win her love? Emancipated Heart will hold your attention with a setting of an interesting era in American History, and a lesson in true loyalty, love and forgiveness, told through a Christian worldview.


May 4 2017

SASP member Bob Weldin, former Vice-President and current Advisory Board member will be our speaker.  He’ll talk about “How to Prepare for an Author Interview.”  Weldin will help you prepare for author interviews through anticipating the questions you’ll be asked, and by practicing with mock interviews.

          Weldin is the author of two adventure novels that draw on his extensive experience as a geologist with the U.S. Bureau of Mines.

The Dry Diggin’s Club came out in 2012 and The Adventurists was published in 2016.


June 1 2017

            Award-winning writer and poet, Lila Bolme will talk about “10 Skills Every Writer Needs.” Lila’s tips (and sense of humor) will help you beat writer’s block, open the gates of creativity, and polish your prose.

          Lila will also talk a little about her role as the current Vice President of the Coeur d’Alene chapter of the Idaho Writer's League (IDL); she also serves on the State Board of Directors for IDL. She is the current editor of Lake Gazette, the monthly newsletter of IDL’s Coeur d’Alene chapter. Lila is the mother of three grown children, who, Lila notes, “actually like me, probably because I let them eat cookie dough when they were growing up.” Married for 34 years, Lila’s husband is convinced “I’m on the verge of being able to cook something besides ‘hashblacks’ and ‘squasage.’” Lila is drawn to writing “because I’m a wordy girl and because I want an excuse to leave the housework undone.”  Anticipate a great meeting with Lila and some new insights into your own writing process.


July 6, 2017

Our guest speaker will be Spokane area writer Niki Breeser Tschirgi, author of Growing up Alaska.

          Niki will share her book, Growing up Alaska: Memories of a Town, a Time, a Place, and a People Planted in a Little Pocket of Wonderful.  It's the story of her “crazy, freezing childhood in the interior of Alaska in the 1980's.”

          She will also talk about her current project, Paper Pregnancy: Stretch Marks On My Heart.  “This book has my heart beat for sure. It is my passion. We have adopted six children out of foster care and I will be sharing our story.”

(Now called, Stretch Mark My Heart.)


August 3 2017

            So, one character was talking to another. I got a little closer, wanting to catch what they were saying. Shock! They were speaking DIALOGUE!



            Come to this month's meeting of SPOKANE AUTHORS & SELF-PUBLISHERS for a panel featuring SASP Members Sue Eller, Esther Hildahl, Dave McChesney, and Kate Poitevin.  They will focus on "The Art of Dialogue" or how to talk back to your characters!


September 7, 2017

Guest speaker Stephen Pitters presents, "Promote Your Creativity Through Radio."  A poet, he hosts, “Spokane Open Poetry,” on KYRS, Thin Air Community Radio.  He will take us behind the scenes to learn how radio interviews actually work, whether prerecorded or live, and will offer SASP writers “an opportunity to be heard around the country and the world through the courtesy of radio.” His program airs Saturdays at 11am on 88.1/92.3 FM.

          Stephen also produces 6 events a year at  Barnes & Noble in the Northtown Mall. The next such event is scheduled for September 20 at 6:30pm. It will feature Gonzaga Professor and author Shann Ferch, Spokane Poet Laureate Laura Read, and two musical artists. 

          The most recent of his four poetry books is Conversations on Altered Roadways (May 2017).   All books are available on Amazon at:


          Listen to selected programs of "Spokane Open Poetry" at:




October 5 2017

          Our guest speaker will be Bill Bancroft.  He has been a professional musician for over 46 years, primarily playing country, rock, and blues.   He plays drums, percussion, sings, and writes songs. Throughout the years he has played in numerous "bar bands" and has toured extensively with famous nationally known acts.



            Bill spent time in the corporate world rising to become Vice President of a Spokane, Washington based bank.  He also served stints as Director for various projects all over the U.S., and in England, Mexico, China and Poland.

          Retired from the business world, Bill has gone back to playing music full time. He divides his time between The Bobby Patterson Band in Spokane and fills in with other bands when needed, whether for shows, tours, or recordings.

          Bill is also an actor with a recurring role as "Billionaire #2" on the nationally syndicated, Spokane based, SYFY show, Z-Nation. He also was a principal in the independent film, Checkers.  He has also modelled for various photo shoots, including Henry VIII, Mr. Green, Gangster, and many others. 

          Bill decided to recount his memories of his years on the road as a musician.  He wanted to relate how an inconsequential young boy from Greenacres, Washington came to share the stage with incredible musicians and famous stars.

          Bill is happily married to Sue.  They have five grown children, eight grandchildren, and have two more on the way!


November 2, 2017

          Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers members Sue Eller and Dave McChesney will talk a little about using social media to market our books.

          Sue will focus on setting up a Facebook “Author” page.  She writes the Emily Trace Mystery Series, combining “cozy whodunits” with a slice of Science Fiction.  Sue recently finished the third book in the series, Send in the Drones, and it is due out at any time now.



          Dave will look at using Twitter as a marketing tool.  He is working on the third Stone Island Sea Story, Naval Adventure/Age of Sail tales with a touch of Science Fiction. 


December 7, 2017

          SASP Members (and guests) share short (5 minute) excerpts from their work in an OPEN MIC SESSION. First come, first serve!  Sign-up sheet will be provided

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