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Bob Weldin

Past Vice President, Member SASP Advisory Board


     Bob is a published author and frequent speaker on such subjects as mining history, mineral resources, wilderness areas and motivation.  He published The Dry Diggin’s Club, a story of mining exploration in 2012.


     Bob has been a lumber jack, rancher and miner.  He graduated from the University of Idaho College of Mines and has done post graduate work in geology and related subjects, at Eastern Washington State University and other colleges in the Spokane area. He went to work for the U.S. Bureau of Mines as a mining engineer in 1960.  He soon rose to the position of Chief, Branch of Engineering and Economic Analysis and retired in 1990 as Chief, Branch of Mineral Resource Evaluations.


     Bob is the 2005/06 president of the national Mining History Association.  He is an active member of Toastmasters International with an Advanced Speaking Certificate and, past president of a local chapter.  He has been chairman of the Columbia Section, AIME, Society of Mining Engineers and vice-president of the Washington Chapter of the American Institute of Profession Geologists.  He is a certified professional geologist in the State of Idaho.  


     Currently, Bob is writing and speaking on mining history, working on his memoirs and, doing research on polar explorers and men in mining.

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Listed Speaker


Name: (Robert D.) Bob Weldin

Contact: minersquest@comcast.net (509) 327-2897

3015 W. Weile Ave., Spokane, WA 99208

Will speak to: Most groups and organizations

On subjects, such as: “Writing In Retirement” – “Artifacts of Mining History” – “Assessing Writers’ Rules – “My Ten Years in Wildernesses of the Northwest” – “Truth or Fiction? (Documentary vs. Novel)”


For (fees, etc.): I’m not opposed to accepting an honorarium, but normally, no fees are charged for giving a speech in the Spokane Area, if a book signing/sale is allowed after the speech.

Notes: Most speeches are about 20 minutes, followed by a question and answer period, followed by a book signing.  The speaker furnishes no audio/visual aids, and normally none is required except a podium (or lectern) with a light, and sometimes a microphone.


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