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          Here is where you can find out about the life and interests of our members. Just click on the name of the person to read their biography.  We encourage all members to contribute a biography so that we can better find common interests and share information. That is what this organization is all about.

          If a name is underlined and highlighted in blue, there is a biography of that person.  If your name isn’t underlined and highlighted, it is time to start writing!  Please submit your biography via email to our Webmaster and Secretary, Dave McChesney daveeva@comcast.net


Our Speakers!

          Many members of Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers are available to speak to other groups and organizations on a variety of subjects.  Click on names indicated with *** to learn more.


(Newly joined, recently rejoined, or members who were inadvertently left off this list are highlighted in yellow.)



Only members who have paid for 2017 appear on the roster.

Names will be reinstated when dues are paid.



Guest speakers for the current year are listed in italics.


Be sure to visit our “links” page to connect with many of our member’s web-sites and blogs!        

Click on the name.

Bolme, Lila

Brockett, Don

Bruneau, Edmond

Camp, Beth ***

Carlson, Anya

Carter, Joan

Caudel, Joyce ***

Cline, Jan

Danek, Larry

Deuber, Betty

Eller, Sue ***

Ford, Russ

Greenfield, Art

Harvey, Tiffani

Hildahl, Bob

Hildahl, Esther

Jessett, Fred

Kobza, Patricia

Langelier, Lisa

Lehman, Chuck

McChesney, David A. ***

Murray, Will

O’Shaughnessy, Sharon

Parks, Stan

Parry, James  ***

Poitevin, Kate

Price, Johanna

Rae, Kathy

Rivard, J. B.

Seedorf, Rita

Silliman, Cindy

Silliman, Jim

Smith, Brett

Stichart, Bonnie

Verhoef, Margaret

Wallace, Tom

Weldin, Bob ***


Past Speakers (Honorary members)

Mallory Battista

Joan Quall Becker

Victor Bobb

Wendy Carroll

Doug Clark

Michelle Cline

Mark Cochran

Sandy Compton

Stacey Conner

Sara Conover

Carol Crigger

Mary Farrell

Shann Ferch

Cindy Hval

Doreen Fox Kelsey

Megan Kennedy

Patrick F. McManus

Mike Miller

Anne Mini

Josh Misner

Anne Corliss Morris

Dan & Angela Mortimore (with Paul Oman)

Dawn Nelson

Shirley Penna-Oakes

Sarah Porter

Elise Raimi

T. Dawn Richard

Jack Rogers

Robert Roose

Esta Rosevear

Penelope Rundle

Robert Singletary

William Stimson

Blythe Thimsen

Jessica Titchenal

Dawn Troxel

Frank Zafiro


Writing Eternally!

Elmer Freeman (founder)

John Heffernan

Don Johnson

Beatrice Knorr

Harry Merrick

Elizabeth Michael

Irene Pancner

Patti Richardson

Kay Ringo

Lester Smith

Vasquez, James

Conrad Wicht

Stanley Wood



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